Fire Alarm

Northwestern University | Technological Institute Fire Alarm System Upgrade

Evanston, IL

General Contractor:
Siemens Industry, Inc.

  • Installed new back bone cabling and conduit for 19 panels
  • Cutover all existing devices to the new panels
  • Install all new conduit and devices in the basement and ground floor
  • Demo the existing system after the new system was installed

Northwestern University | Tarry Building Fire Alarm Replacement

Chicago, IL
Direct to Owner

  • Install all new panels in the main lobby
  • Install new speaker circuits and conduit to support the cabling
  • Replace all the existing notification devices and repair and t-tapped cabling

Concordia University | Multiple Dormitary Fire Alarm Replacements

River Forest, IL

General Contractor:
Ragnar Benson Construction, LLC

  • Install new fire alarm systems in (7) buildings
  • Complete installations include conduit, wiring, equipment, and programming

Siemens Industry, Inc. | Training Headquarters Installation of New Fire Alarm System Detection & Notification System

Chicago, IL

General Contractor:
Siemens Industry, Inc.

  • Install a complete parallel system throughout the building
  • Connect to existing building services
  • Test the new system and demo the existing system throughout the building

Northwestern University | Hogan Hall Fire Alarm Replacement

Evanston, IL

General Contractor:
Meccor Industries, Ltd.

  • Coordinate all work within the medical testing building
  • Install all new conduit and devices throughout the seven-story building
  • Demo the existing system and paint all the new conduit to match the existing walls